Our Kitchen Renovation

I am so ridiculously excited to finally be sharing the "after" photos of our kitchen renovation.  It's been a long, looong road that involved removing a structural wall, some asbestos flooring, moving every single utility, and a preemie arriving right in the middle if it all, among many other things, so setting up this shoot and wrapping up this yuge project is thrilling.  Like, I'm giddy just thinking about it.  So...without further ado, here is our beautiful new kitchen!

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Master Bathroom Inspiration

Now that the kitchen and home studio are done (I promise photos are coming!) my next focus is on our teensy master bathroom.  Even though it is soooo small and could be completed quickly, in reality it won't be remodeled for awhile because Luke's next focus is the exterior.  But I've started brainstorming and am obsessed now with looking at bathroom photos.  

There are a few things I know about the space.... I want large format tile--everywhere--because I hate when grout lines get crummy.  It ages the bathroom so quickly and let's face it, I am not up to  the challenge of keeping it pristine.  I want a dark floor, maybe a punchy pattern, and light walls, probably the same marble we used in the kitchen.  The shower door will be frameless and clear glass to help the space feel larger.  Hardware will be classic nickel.  And it will have a vanity for storage but no wall-mounted cabinets.  That's not too much to ask, right?!

Designing A Bright Home Office

A project that's been annoyingly in the back of my mind since we bought our house is now moving quickly into the realm of reality...my home office!  I've dreamed about how it should look and the fun [incredibly functional...] trinkets it should have, but now that I'm forcing myself to make decisions to get it up and running, I'm less worried about all of the little stuff.  I'm just makin' decisions, buyin' the necessities, gettin' shit done!  And I am so excited about it!  One fun thing I'm thinking about is how I want to experience the space, so I've picked out how I want it to hit my senses: energizing citrus scent, fun background music to keep me moving forward, crisp white to keep the small room as bright as possible, some varied textures and layered items, and maybe even some chocolate-covered espresso beans for that mid-afternoon kick in the ass.  The painting is done, lighting is on its way, and I'm counting down the days until I can get everything installed and shared with you.  Until then, here are some of the pieces that are going to help make it the most productive room in the house!

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Top 10 : Jungle Wall Coverings

Like so many of you, I've been loving the #jungalow trend of late and because I always love a punchy wall covering, today I've compiled some of my favorites that bring some tropical pizzazz indoors.  Bold, bright, and leafy, these picks would work wonders to elevate an overlooked small space such as a powder room or entry to eye-catching amazeballs status.  Take your pick!

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Mid-Century Dining Room Inspiration

Happy Friday, y'all!  I am so thankful that the weekend is here, for some gorgeous, mild weather, and most of all, for getting to enjoy it with the family.  I'm hoping to get our current dining set sold and get our new goodies set up.  In the spirit of fresh mid-century dining rooms, I've rounded up some of my favorites.  These pretties definitely have me worked up now about finding something bold and colorful to put on our walls!